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[fic] Like That - Thor/Loki; NC-17

Like That
words: 1,844
warnings: pseudo-incest, rimming, graphic sexual imagery, convenient Loki tears
summary: Thor likes to tire Loki out.
a/n: written for this prompt on the norsekink meme. decided to un-anon because I do what I want people seemed to really enjoy it. Herp derp. 

Like That

It’s like this – Loki, on his back and nearly bent totally in half with Thor pounding into him, holding Loki’s legs apart until it’s almost painful, his hot breath all over Loki’s face.

Thor’s stamina is legendary; the women would talk of how he could go for hours without stopping, come once and then be ready to come again with mere minutes. Loki didn’t realize how true the rumors were until the first night Thor fucked him, after Loki had finally come to him, after Loki finally admitted that Thor’s love was all he wanted. 

“Then let me give it to you,” Thor had said.

So Loki took.

“Thor,” Loki moans, reaching to wind a hand in Thor’s hair. He wants Thor to slow down, if only for a moment, if only to allow Loki to move back against him.

“How does it feel brother?” Thor asks him, skittering his fingers down Loki’s thighs, making him shiver. “Tell me how my cock feels inside you.”

Loki chokes on his own breath when Thor’s fingers tickle the sensitive skin in the dip of his pelvic bone. His cock is leaking, hard to the point where it’s almost painful. Every few thrusts Thor hits against his prostate and Loki sees fucking stars and all he can do is lie there and take it. He can’t even move. 

“S’good,” Loki slurs. “Brother, please, let me-”

“No,” Thor says. He snaps his hips, and Loki sobs beneath him. “I’m in control here, brother. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

He can’t manage to speak, so Loki just nods helplessly, panting and reaching to pull Thor down for a kiss. And Thor knows what he wants, but he pulls away on purpose, grinning down at him.

“What do you want, Loki, hmm?”

Loki wants to hit him upside his stupid head, and probably would too, if this didn’t feel so fucking perfect.

“I want your mouth,” Loki says, and Thor finally kisses him with all tongue, pulling Loki’s head back as he does so and exposing the vulnerable line of his neck. Loki mostly just pants into his mouth, too distracted to do much else.

Thor trails his lips to Loki’s long neck and nips at it, sometimes too hard. Loki comes to life underneath him, shivering whenever Thor’s teeth scrape at the sensitive skin there. 

“Let me hear you,” Thor growls into his neck. “I want all of Asgard to know what a slut you are for me, brother.” 

Loki clenches around Thor in retaliation, but it doesn’t stop the strangled cry that escapes him when Thor bites down on his collar bone. Thor’s running his hands all over him, up his navel and to his chest, ghosting over his nipples in a touch that has Loki whining. He’s close, he’s so fucking close and if Thor would just touch him then he could finally come.

“Brother, please - ah, touch me.”

His brother’s hands trail dangerously low to his cock, but at the last moment move away.

“You don’t need it,” Thor says. “You’ll come from this alone, I know you will.”

Loki is about to damn him when Thor starts thrusting at a pace that’s beyond brutal, pushing now so Loki really is bent completely in half, his ankles up by his ears. Loki can’t do anything under his brother’s weight, just scratches at the tough skin of his back and shoulders, holding on as tight as he can.

He wants to speak but he physically can’t, only manages an embarrassingly loud moan when he comes suddenly from the relentless drive of Thor’s cock against his prostate. He spills between them, shuddering, and Thor keeps right on fucking him.

“That’s it,” Thor says, grinning. “I knew you wouldn’t need my hand. My cock alone is good enough for you.”

Loki just falls limp beneath him, taking huge breaths to try and regain some of his composure. Thor slows down his thrusts somewhat, moving back so Loki’s legs are wrapped around his waist and Loki can breathe much easier. Loki wipes some of the sweat from his face, pushing his hair back and watching Thor with an expression he hopes isn’t too fucked out looking. Thor smiles at him genuinely. When Loki goes to move, Thor grips his hips tight.

"I'm not finished yet," he says.
“I can’t,” Loki says, already feeling too over sensitized with Thor’s cock still pulsing inside him. 

“I know you can,” Thor says, and bends to kiss him gently on his lips, far too gentle for what’s about to happen. 

He keeps his hold tight on Loki’s hips and starts resuming his thrusts. Loki chokes, the movement makes his whole body shake and it’s too much.

“No, Thor – hah. I can’t. Please.” 

“You can and you will,” Thor says. “Here, perhaps this will be better for you.”

He pulls out suddenly, far too quickly and Loki doesn’t have time to feel it before he’s being turned onto his stomach and Thor is thrusting back in. Loki scrambles for purchase on the bed sheets, knotting his fingers into the fabric and squeezing.

“Yes, this is much better,” Thor purrs. “I’m going to keep fucking you brother, until you can’t move. Until all you can do is hump the mattress like a bitch in heat and beg for my cock.”

From this angle, it’s even harder for Loki to catch his breath. He literally just lays there and takes Thor’s cock, feels it splitting him open from the inside, rubbing painfully against his prostate. His body is overheating, white shocks of pleasure short circuiting his brain and making it impossible for him to speak. He tries to open his mouth, to curse Thor for being such a fucking animal, but all he manages to get out is, “Brother.”

“Yes,” Thor says, and holds Loki’s head down with one hand, practically smothering him against the pillow as he drives himself into Loki’s body. 

“Brother,” Loki says again, and it becomes a mantra, his mind just loops on it, too far gone to even realize what he’s saying. He’s moaning like Thor said he would, like a bitch in heat only he’s not humping the mattress because he’s forgotten how to fucking move. 

“Brother, ah - brother. Brother!”

If Loki could move, he would see how gone Thor is himself. His thrusts are becoming less calculated, and Loki knows he’s going to come soon. Thor drags his hips up in a way that is nearly painful, fingers pushing bruises into Loki’s thin hips. 

“If I could,” Thor says, and his voice sounds completely wrecked, like Loki is the one doing these things to him. “I would have you under me like this all the time. I’d never let anyone touch you.”

Loki can only sob in agreement because he does want that, he does, but he can’t admit that to Thor. Not yet. The force of Thor’s thrusts have him rubbing against the mattress and it’s bringing his cock back to life, making the friction unbearable.

He moves to get a hand underneath to touch himself, but Thor slaps it away and uses his own instead, rough fingers gripping the length of Loki’s cock.

“I knew it,” Thor says. “I knew you could take it. You’re hard again for me already.”

He starts stroking, though Loki’s not sure if he can manage to come again, he can only push back against Thor’s thrusts and work his hips down to get more friction. 

Thor comes, finally, pulsing hot inside him and making Loki go warm and flush all over. Loki thinks, vaguely, that he’s about to come again and then he does, spilling over Thor’s hand and practically screaming with the release of it, letting Thor stroke him through it.

He’s suddenly lying on his back again, and Loki realizes hotly that he’d passed out from the whole thing. Thor is still above him, but he has a wet cloth now and is cleaning Loki’s chest. Loki hisses a little at the touch, still feeling far too sensitive. 

“You’re alright, brother,” Thor says, and it sounds a bit like a question so Loki nods.
His face still feels flushed, eyes blown wide and mouth swollen. He is the very definition of fucked out. Thor tosses the cloth aside, slipping his hand between Loki’s legs to check him, make sure he’s alright. 

Loki can feel where Thor’s come is slipping out of him, and he fights the urge to clench against it and keep it inside. 

“You’re tight again already,” Thor says, still amazed by it.

“Aye,” Loki says. “And filthy now, thanks to you.”

Thor grins, and Loki recognizes that look all too well.

“Allow me to lick you clean, brother.”

“Thor, no-”

He really, really can’t, but Thor doesn’t listen, just ducks down and spreads Loki’s legs again, licking at his anus. Loki jumps at the contact and kicks Thor in the shoulder. Thor merely grunts and then kisses him right there, right on his entrance. Loki flushes hot and struggles to move away. This is too much, this makes him feel too vulnerable and he can’t…he can’t handle it.

But Thor senses it and grabs Loki’s hips again to hold him down while he cleans him, tracing his tongue around the entrance before pushing inside to taste him, to lick him right up. Loki bites the heel of his palm to keep from screaming, still kicking Thor’s shoulder and sometimes his head but Thor doesn’t even seem to notice.

He moans against Loki’s asshole like it’s a feast, and Loki feels hot tears run down his face before he can blink them back. He moans, helpless, unable to control his own mouth. Sometimes he thinks Thor means to kill him with sex.

Thor finally pulls away when he deems Loki clean enough, wiping his lips with the back of his hand in an obscene gesture. Loki kicks at his face.

“You fool,” he hisses. “I said no.”

“I’m sorry, brother,” Thor says, leaning to wipe at the tear on Loki’s cheek. “Sometimes I forget to control myself when I’m around you.”

Loki just stares while Thor leans to lick the other tear from his face, tongue hot and rough against his cheek. Thor pulls Loki further up into the bed with him, grabbing the furs from where they’d been tossed onto the floor and draping them over Loki.

“I’m not a child,” Loki says, indignant. “I can put myself to bed.”

“I know,” Thor says, but continues with it anyway, getting under the fur covers as well.

He maneuvers them so Loki’s back is against his chest and curls around his brother, draping his arms over Loki’s waist and holding him close to him. Normally, Loki would protest avidly to the idea of cuddling, but he’s simply too tired to care right now. 

Tomorrow he’ll wake Thor up by sucking him off slowly, just to get back at him. But for now he lets Thor kiss his temple and hold him until they both fall asleep.
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